5Grace & Joy Farms Beef:     2020  Prices for whole, 1/2 as follows:

Whole beef:   $6.00 per lb. packaged product plus processing fees.

Half beef:      $6.40 per lb. packaged product plus processing fees.

Typical processing will be @325.00 per whole beef and each beef

will yield between 300-400 lbs (possibly a little more) depending on size of the steer at finishing, and how it is cut.

Smaller orders when available:

selling in 25 lb minimum orders.

Ground beef - $6.50/lb

Roasts - $8.00/lb

Ribeye and Strip Steaks - $12.50/lb

Filets - $15.00/lb


Lamb meat:  sold as whole lamb.    Current pricing on lamb is $2.50/lb live weight and processing  costs.

Typical cost for a whole lamb processed will run $325-340.

St. Croix Breeding stock:  will be available Summer 2020 contact us now to reserve.    Registered ewe  $400.    Registered ram $350.    Bred ewes when available $575.    Deposits of $50 per head, and will price ewes $350 for groups of 10 or more.

Katahdin Breeding stock: $500 ewes and rams.

Native Scottish/Irish and Wye Angus genetic cattle available private treaty.    


Please Contact us for info.

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